Every week on The Free Cheese Podcast, we’ve been updating on when we think Nintendo will finally talk about NX.

Every day, we wake up thinking that today must be the day.

Every time I receive more than two text messages in rapid succession, I assume that the time has come.

Finally, it’s here.


Nintendo first confirmed the existence of its next dedicated video game platform, codenamed “NX” on March 17, 2015. President Satoru Iwata confirmed that NX is a “dedicated game platform with a brand-new concept.” NX was confirmed alongside the announcement of a new partnership with DeNA and the development of software for mobile platforms and a new membership program. The first of these mobile titles, Miitomo, was released earlier this year with the second, Mario Run, set to release in December of this year. Titles in the Fire Emblem series and Animal Crossing were confirmed earlier this year, and are set to release before March 2017. The membership program, My Nintendo, released alongside Miitomo in March of this year and replaces the previous Club Nintendo.

In April, Nintendo confirmed that the upcoming Wii U title, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, would also be coming to NX. It was then that Nintendo also confirmed that NX would release in March of 2017.

There has been no shortage of rumors and speculation amidst the silence from Nintendo since confirming the console’s release window. In fact, the only official mention of the platform since was to confirm that the company would not discuss the platform during its E3 presentation nor during it’s Nintendo Direct which took place on September 1.

Tomorrow, we’ll know a little bit more about the console than we already know. Be sure to watch Nintendo’s website for the aforementioned preview trailer and stay tuned for the next episode of The Free Cheese Podcast where we discuss everything we learn.

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