Today at 5 PM EST Nintendo hosted the final video presentation for Super Smash Bros. for 3DS & Wii U. During the video presentation, game director Masahiro Sakurai detailed three new fighters coming to the game.

If you’ve yet to see which characters have been announced as the final fighters to join the roster, you can view the presentation in full just below. If you’ve already watched the video or you’d prefer to just see the cliff notes version, slide down the screen a little bit.

Sakurai detailed Cloud Strife of Final Fantasy VII who is now playable in both versions of the game along with a brand new stage Midgar.

Midgar is based on the opening area of FF VII and features a new summons system which allows players fighting on the stage to unleash the fury of one of five giant beasts.

Cloud totes his signature Buster sword and brings along features like his “Limit Break” from Final Fantasy VII. The limit break move can be built by holding the down special and once the meter has filled an extra strength attack will unleash. Cloud can also use the limit break for extra height while attempting to recover.

Cloud comes with both his signature costume and the costume from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.


Just before the full display of Cloud’s moveset and release details, the presentation opened with the announcement of a brand new fighter whose game has yet to see release in North America.

Corrin of Fire Emblem: Fates will join the battle in February 2016, marking the sixth character from the Fire Emblem series to join the roster.

Corrin, like Robin, will allow the player to choose to play as either a male or female Corrin. The new sword fighter will contain moves unique from any other character in the game and Fire Emblem series. In Super Smash Bros., Corrin is able to perform a stun move which can pin a character in place and begin a combo attack.


To close the presentation, Sakurai revealed the final fighter to join the roster will be the titular character of Bayonetta, the witch Bayonetta herself.

Bayonetta, like Corrin and Cloud, was detailed move by move illustrating how versatile and unique of a fighter the character will be.

Bayonetta pulls from the series with familiar attacks that utilize Bayonetta’s hair and magic(k?). You can slow down time in a new combo-breaking move that can leave the opponent stunned and poised to live on the receiving end of a super strong attack.

Both versions of the character will be accounted for, with and without the long hair; Bayonetta has also been outfitted with signature outfits from both games, including those that represent some of the supporting characters from the game.


Sakurai also included new details about the final waves of Mii fighter costumes and the results of the ballot. Chocobo hats are released today alongside Cloud and in conjunction with the partnership with Square Enix, Super Mario RPG fans can decorate their Mii fighters as Geno the wooden robot from the SNES classic.

In regards to the ballot results, Sakurai did not disclose the full details but instead offered some insight twice during the presentation. When highlighting Cloud, Sakurai mentioned that while requests for a representative of the Final Fantasy franchise were very high, no character was requested more than Cloud.

Bayonetta was the number one requested character in Europe, while she was in the top five in North America. Further, Sakurai mentions that Bayonetta is the number one most requested character that was actually plausible, assuming he means licensing and any character that isn’t Goku.

In closing the video, Sakurai points out the incredible amount of content that has been developed and released for the game. Additionally, its mentioned that unlike other companies, Nintendo chose to develop all post release actually after the development on the core game had ended.

Every new character added as DLC and a Famicom colored R.O.B. amiibo are on their way to store shelves at some point next year, but seemingly not without some sort of retailer incentive or exclusivity.

While I’m sad that I didn’t get to hear “La Danse Macabre” as I watched a shovel come crashing into the middle of Final Destination and that the hope of a whip-wielding hero joining the roster is deader than the vampire he destroys- I think that the final output of the development team is strong.

I rolled my eyes at the inclusion of yet another Fire Emblem character while poor Dixie Kong and Alph are trapped in obscurity, but I think the moveset that Corrin will bring to the game is so unique and interesting. It reinvigorated my excitement for the upcoming game, which I suppose was the point all along.

Seeing Cloud last month during the Nintendo Direct pushed my hand to the PSN Store to buy the original game on my PSP, and now I’m eager to see how he plays in Super Smash Bros. More exciting for me than Cloud is his stage, which looks like a great marriage of the series’ history and the world of Final Fantasy VII.

Bayonetta never did anything for me but I know that there was a strong plea for the game during our game of the year conversations of 2014. I kept almost buying the combo pack on Wii U since the day of release but I’ve yet to throw my money at anything. I think that the inclusion of a time slowing mechanic and the character’s overall witchy moveset should make for a great addition to the roster in the end.

I still hope to one day see Shovel Knight or Simon Belmont grace the screen amidst the rest of the fantastic characters that Nintendo has assembled in their long-running fighting franchise but unless Sakurai returns for another grueling development cycle and Konami stops being Konami, I think all of my hopes are dead.

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