November is Science Fiction month on The Free Cheese.

All month long, we’ll be focusing our attention to sci-fi in games. From Metroid to Half-Life to No Man’s Sky, we will highlight our favorite moments in sci-fi gaming. There are hundreds of great science fiction games spanning the history of gaming, and we’ll be looking at what makes them so great.


Science fiction often lends itself to space travel and thoughts about other worlds. We’ll certainly cover games that let us travel at the speed of light to galaxies we could never imagine, but we’ll also look at other science fiction in games.

We’ll look at where science fiction has taken us; beneath the ocean in Ecco the Dolphin and BioShock, to the future in Perfect Dark, and the past in Wolfenstein. We’ll go step by step with XCOM and we’ll fly by in F-Zero.

Please join us this month, as our world begins to die for the season- we can leave Earth to find somewhere new.

As we publish new content, we’ll update this page with links to all of our science fiction content. In the coming days, we’ll post a live streaming schedule here and on our Twitch page.

Leave a comment below and tell us what your favorite science fiction games are and which ones you’d like to see us play this month.

Monday, November 2

What is Your Favorite Sci-Fi Game?

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