Here at The Free Cheese I am considered the resident Pokemon Master. (Pause for applause.) I mostly write about Pokemon and given the chance I will talk about Pokemon. So, it is only fitting that I write about Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO is an amazing project being made by The Pokemon Company and Niantic. Being unfamiliar with Niantic isn’t really a big deal, but don’t go about thinking that this company doesn’t know what they’re doing. You have no reason to be worried over whether or not they can help The Pokemon Company successfully bring our beloved Pokemon to life.

Let me explain to you what Pokemon GO is in my own words. IT IS EVERYTHING WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR. Alright. That is a wrap on this article.


You’re still here? Okay. I’ll go deeper much like Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon Levitt. Pokemon GO allows would-be Pokemon Trainers around the world use their phones and VR (virtual reality) to see Pokemon in the real world and in real time. You can capture, train and battle the wonderful creatures you encounter. The program will lead you to Pokemon by using the GPS in your phone. Now, I’m not entirely sure what Pokemon will be indigenous to what areas, but I think its safe to assume you’ll find water Pokemon near rivers, beaches and lakes. I would love to find my way into an abandoned house to be able to encounter some ghost Pokemon. You say you want to capture a Grimer? Well, that is gross. Go try your luck near a sewer or dump. I’m kidding. Maybe. Maybe not. A huge part of me hopes more than anything that we will not be able to catch legendary Pokemon. That would not be fair and there are only one of each legendary.

Pokemon GO Plus is a wonderful little add-on to the game. It is a wearable accessory that connects to your blue-tooth and will flash and vibrate when a Pokemon is near. It may not seem like something that Twenty-somethings may wear, but I will wear the fuck out of it. Also, children will love another thing to sport next to their favorite Silly Bandz. (Are those still a thing?)

I love the idea behind Pokemon GO. I firmly believe that this will get children outside and socially interacting with each other outside of school. Pokemon GO will bring about a new sense of community. While still being on our phones and connected to technology we will be able to form almost meaningless relationships with other users.

Joe sent me the trailer for Pokemon GO at about 8 am the day it was announced. I’m not sure why I was even awake, but I am so glad I was. My body was immediately covered in goosebumps from pure excitement. I grew up throwing round rocks and tennis balls at a shitty old fence as my imagination took over and let me believe I was catching Pokemon. My dreams are coming true now! Near the end of the trailer Trainers gather in Times Square to battle Mewtwo. I can honestly say that I cried. Not an uncontrollable sob, but not quite a single “gangsta” tear. We should all be excited for Pokemon GO. I am looking forward to more information being released. Lets go be Trainers together!Pokemon-Trainer-PokemonGo-Pikachu


Posted by Kyle Muehlberger

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