Every week I ask my friends a question about video games and I post their answers in the form of an article for you to read and respond to. This week marks the beginning of October, meaning three quarters of the year are now behind us. With this, I wanted to know: After 9 months, what is your game of the year? Here’s what we had to say:

I think overall it was a really solid year for games. Early on it was Splatoon and I still think that is an amazing game.

But I have to give it to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Its presentation and immersion to me is just perfect and I love it being the game world that Kojima brought up.

Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015: Do You Still Shower With Your Dad? is my game of the year. Every year.

It’s been a rough 27 years growing up with the void my dad left in my heart when he decided to “go get cigarettes.” All I ever wanted was to spend some quality time with him. You know, the usual stuff like playing catch going fishing, going camping together, waste money at a strip club; maybe shoot some black tar heroin in the back alley behind the dumpster of a Chinese restaurant and as you’re freaking out he caresses you in his arms while petting you saying that “Everything is going to be okay, boy,” and most important of all: taking a shower with my dad. Those dreams will never come true now. The only dream that do come true are the bad ones when I wake up to every day alone…

UNTIL NOW! With Shower Your Dad Simulator 2015: Do You Still Shower With Your Dad?, the depression can take a seat in the back of my mind while denial rides shotgun! You have the option to choose from three dads. THREE DADS! That’s like, three more than I’ve ever had!

The game is so simple yet complex. You just gotta line up with the right dad every time. The higher the combo, the more intense the difficulty becomes. You can slip on soap and slide into the wrong dad; the lights could go out, and much much more. It’s a fast-paced and challenging game, but it’s as addictive as a father’s love.

Just kidding. My game of the year is Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer because I can be my own man, dad! I CAN BE MY OWN MAN! Growing up in the forest with woodland critters, getting accustomed to their pants less ways, I’ve worked my way to the top. I’ve helped develop towns and cities, I’ve even become the mayor! None of that was what I really wanted though.

Now I just want to be an interior designer without the expenses coming out of my pockets. I just wanted to choose what I look like without the interrogation process and have easy access to furniture and placement mechanics. I don’t need to wait in real time to continue the game (but I still like the option to). This is the Animal Crossing I’ve been wanting without even realizing it. The small yet crucial details that make this game flow with convenience and ease, I couldn’t help but get excited when realizing it contains a feature to send your gameplay data to Nintendo. Do you not know what this could mean? This could mean that these lovable features could be implemented into the next full installment of Animal Crossing. And it’ll all be thanks to this game. Fuck you, Dad.

That’s been a tough question this year since the games I’ve been playing haven’t been realized this year other than Heroes of the Storm. So, that’ll take my pick.

It’s a fun game that isn’t too difficult to learn. I fucking love playing as Diablo and being in the same game universe from other Blizzard titles. I hated MOBAs until I played this game.

I feel like every three months in this year, I’ve been really certain of my answer to this question. Yet, it changes each time. I’ve enjoyed seeing how everyone’s answers, my own as well, are changing throughout the year.

Perhaps this is because of what I’ve been playing recently, but Bloodborne is my game of the year right now. I feel odd saying this, because I’ve made so little progress in the game. However, I think it’s the game that I’ve spent the most amount of time with in 2015.

With that, I think that I can objectively (mostly subjectively) say that of the games I’ve played, Bloodborne is the most well-polished and solid game this year (so far). Bloodborne is the closest game that we’ll get to the Castlevania game that we deserve, and it’s captured my attention in a deeper way than I’ve experienced in a while.

It never lets you win, and you must earn every victory. I know that if you’ve ever had a friend rabble on about a Souls game, what I’m saying sounds familiar and is likely causing you to roll your eyes a bit. However, Bloodborne finally showed me what those pretentious fools meant all this time. I get it now. I’m a little (more) pretentious now.

I love just wandering in the world and finding new monsters. I love leveling up and feeling just slightly more powerful, only to learn that there’s a new, terrifying surprise awaiting me in the next area. I’ve begun to dream about the game; I’m craving more insight into the game and world that I cannot satiate nor satisfy.

We’ll see how the rest of the year pans out and what December will show as our final decisions for game of the year. Be sure to read what we said after three months in April and after six months in July. Let us know what your game of the year so far is below in the comments section, and be sure to check back in a week for another question of the week. 

Posted by Joe Dix

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