With Super Mario Maker being so recently released, we can’t stop playing it. The other night, I sat down with Joe and Kyle to make each of them a level.

We had five minutes to create our levels from scratch, and I had to keep things relatively simple.

In the first video, you’ll see the level I made for Kyle. Under the pressure of time, I wanted something that I could obviously make quickly, but also something that Kyle could test his limits with.

Spacing the gaps as far out as I did was intended to make Kyle run and complete the stage in a single continuous run. One jump after the other, and he’d find himself at the goal. Or so I thought…

It’s not a bad stage for my first time hands-on with the creation tools, but when it came time to design something for Joe, I now had a better understanding of what to do.

I had a few ideas at the start, which you can see during the fast forward section at the beginning of the video.

What I ended with was a stage that relies on Mario’s spin jump in order to complete the level. I successfully play tested it once before handing the controller back to Joe to give it a shot, take a look at how he did.

That’s everything from me, for now. Look out for more Super Mario Maker here on the site, and be sure to check out Part I of this series.

Posted by Marc Augustyniak

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