Final Fantasy VI was first released in Japan for the Super Famicom on April 2, 1994. The game quickly made it to North America on October 11, 1994, however it was released as Final Fantasy III for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Final Fantasy VI continues the traditional gameplay that the series had become known for, while carrying its characters into a new setting. Unlike other games in the series which typically utilized a typical fantasy setting, FFVI takes place inside of a world filled with technology. The game resembles a reflection of the Industrial Revolution and the technology that the characters take advantage of has an overall steampunk-styled theme to it.

final-fantasy-vi-super-famicom-box-artThis game was the last of the series’ releases on Nintendo platforms for some time, as the company favored the Sony PlayStation for future releases. The cartridge-based hardware for the Nintendo 64 was restrictive in a way that Developer/Publisher Square could not fully realize the likes of Final Fantasy VII on Nintendo’s hardware.

The company would later make a return to Nintendo, as Final Fantasy VI has been released on several platforms following its initial release on the SNES. The game can be found on PlayStation and Game Boy Advance, as well as the Wii Virtual Console and PlayStation Network as a PSOne Classic.

We’ll be playing this classic game throughout May because, well, I’ve never played it. It is one of the few games that Sandeep constantly reminds me to play. The list of games in the series that I’ve yet to complete far outweighs those that I’ve seen to the end, but thanks to the lack of continuity between each entry’s stories, I can jump in and out at random.



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