When I mention developer From Software, a lot of you probably have a specific idea in your head. Lately, that idea is centered around PS4 exclusive Bloodborne. For others, there is an association with Demon’s Souls or Dark Souls. From Software, to me, originally meant something else entirely.

Armored Core was first released in North America for PlayStation in 1997. Armored Core is a third-person action game, where the player controls a giant mecha robot. The game progresses as the player completes new missions, but depending on which missions are chosen the story will play out differently.

I remember only ever playing this game through a demo disc that was sent via PlayStation Underground. My memory tells me that I was playing in a parking garage of sorts, or at least what felt like one. Ultimately, I would rent the game and never make any real progress.

The combat was always engaging and felt fresh, and I was excited for the series to continue along with the technology of consoles to come later. Funny, however, that I never played another game in the series outside of the first which I barely touched.

Coincidentally, the game was just recently released on the PlayStation Network as a PSOne Classic. Released alongside Bloodborne, the game can be played through the PS3, PS Vita, or PSP. It would be nice to see From Software release another title in the series for the PS4, but with Bloodborne just crossing the million sold line, who knows if it will ever happen?

Posted by Joe Dix

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