It’s been a few months since Nintendo delivered one of its Nintendo Direct presentations to the world. Last time around, we heard about Wii games coming to Wii U Virtual Console, Spring release dates, and new amiibo figurines.

The next presentation is starting in less than thirty minutes and we’re wondering what they’re going to announce. With today coinciding with April Fools’ Day, will we see a bunch of jokes, or will Nintendo just focus on what’s coming up?

The full presentation is 48 minutes in length, and there are sure to be more details on games we already know about, as well as some surprises (hopefully). Here’s what we’re guessing:


Splatoon is Nintendo’s big release for the Spring season and they need to highlight it heavily if the new IP is going to have a chance. Recently, members of the press were able to go hands on with the game at an event, so it is likely that we will see some aspects of what they experienced for those 5 hours.


Mario Maker

I know I said this last time and we got nothing, but I can’t help to think that we’re going to see a release date for Mario Maker. This game is the perfect opportunity to fill in the release gap as we approach E3’s announcements and what better day than today to announce a release date?


amiibo Wave 4

Here is where we might get upset. Hopefully, Nintendo gives us a solid release date for Wave 4 of amiibo. It is likely that we might hear about other figurines coming down the line, but we should at least know exactly when we can hold Ness in our hands.


Mario Kart 8 DLC

Although it’s not releasing until May, we should hear more about Mario Kart 8’s DLC that involves Animal Crossing. It was roughly a month before the first DLC pack released in November that we heard word of its official date, so perhaps we will see a date for the Villager’s debut in Mario Kart.



Speaking of DLC, Nintendo just closed Club Nintendo yesterday, and with it marked the last chance for users to register Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U to receive Mewtwo for free when he launches in Spring. Today’s the day we hear about when we’ll be playing the beloved Melee fighter in glorious HD.

Register by 03/31/2015 to receive

Register by 03/31/2015 to receive

The Legend of Zelda for Wii U

Nintendo can’t ignore the Epona in the room. With the recent news that The Legend of Zelda for Wii U will not release until 2016 and that Aonuma and team are skipping E3, Iwata should be telling us a bit about the game to restore faith in the project. While a delayed game is temporary and a bad game is bad forever, it still hurts to learn that an anticipated release has been pushed back- especially when delayed into another calendar year.


What Might Happen…


While we certainly won’t hear anything about NX, we might hear a little about Nintendo’s new partnership with DeNA. I think that at least, we will hear something about what is to come this fall, with a reassurance that we will hear more at E3 or later this year.

Star Fox

Zelda might be out for 2015, but the other promised title is Star Fox. While we hope that Iwata at least addresses the Zelda delay, we’re hoping that we get a little taste of what Star Fox is just to calm our hearts into knowing that one of the big titles this year is shaping up nicely.

SNES Remix

After just completing a majority of the challenges in NES Remix 2, it left me wanting a bit more. I really like the changes that were made to NES Remix 2 from the original title, and Marc and I had a lot of fun going through every game and Remix. I’m hoping that today we get a little surprise announcement that’s ready for download after the presentation, and I hope that it’s SNES Remix. It’s been a year since the last game’s release, and with an SNES iteration likely taking a bit more development time, perhaps this is the day that we see it.

Simon Belmont Enters the Castle

I can dream a little bit, right? Hopefully with Mewtwo’s release date out of the way, Sakurai will announce a new DLC character that is also on the way. How great would it be if that character is Simon Belmont? I’ve already planned out just how he would play! Even if we don’t see the vampire killer enter the fight, it would be nice to see another character to add to the roster just to spice the game up even more.

Mother 3

Okay, maybe I’m dreaming too much here. How great would it be on April Fools’ Day for Nintendo to announce a legitimate release of Mother 3 for the North American market? After so many years of fans crying and Reggie laughing, it would be fantastic if we got official word on the beloved game’s release for us outside of Japan.


That’s it! We’re just moments away from learning everything and this entire article becoming obsolete and trite. Be sure to listen to the next episode of the podcast to hear our reactions to all of the news.

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