For December, we’re doing something a little different for our cover story. Typically we choose a topic in gaming based on genre or platform or series, but as we come to the close of the calendar year we are going to start looking at the best games of 2014. In previous years, our game of the year coverage came in the form of some personal favorites lists and the coverage stopped there for the most part. This year is going to be a bit more expansive than previous.

For starters, we will be continuing our personal lists and those will take the form that the author best sees fit. Those will appear at various times throughout the month of December, typically in order of completion. In addition to our own lists, we’re going to have conversations about some of the best games of the year and rolling those conversations into a lot of different video content. These will take shape as simple playthroughs, sizzle reel videos with voiceovers, and anything else that we decide to get down to.

A new addition for this year is going to be some contribution articles. I’m currently in the process of reaching out to some of our friends in the industry to see what their favorite games of 2014 have been, and we’ll be rolling those responses out throughout this month. Look for updates with names of those particular folks to come in the next few weeks.

Finally, we’re going to close this month and this year out by voting on the best games of the year and detailing a full list of them for everyone to argue about.

As always, this article is like our other cover stories and will change shape as the month progresses, with an updated list of articles added below. Be sure to tell us your favorite games of the year in the comments to see how we match up.

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