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Marc picks up the DualShock 4 to try out the port of Hotline Miami and gets excited for the sequel. Additionally, he dove into the latest creation from Edmund McMillen in the form of The Binding of Isaac Rebirth. Dan continues his time with Super Smash Bros. for 3DS as well as Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, but he joins Kyle in Grand Theft Auto Online to torment and aggravate children younger than half of his age. Joe finds time to squeeze in some gaming time in the form of Threes and Monument Valley on his phone, while dipping a bit into Mario Kart 8 in preparation for the new DLC release.
After the break, we discuss this month’s cover story and we share our favorite RPGs of all time. We also announce this month’s pick for our Game Club, and we’ll be playing Chrono Trigger all month long.

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Posted by Joe Dix

Joe is the creator of The Free Cheese. He eats a lot of pizza and takes thousands of pictures of his pugs Oswald and Earl every day.

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