My first experience with Pokemon was when I played Blue. It didn’t seem to really click with me. I was young at the time and just ran around catching Pokemon that looked cool. I knew nothing of strategy or even collecting all the wonderful creatures. I only knew that I wanted to show of my “cool” collection of Pokemon to my friends.

It wasn’t until Ruby and Sapphire were released that I truly began to understand how to become a true Pokemon Master. I was 10 when the third generation made its debut. Being 10 meant two things: I finally didn’t have to play on my brother’s Game Boy (although the third generation was released on Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance), and I was finally the same age as the protagonist in the Pokemon games. It finally felt real. I was this 10 year old boy who was rushing out the front door to become a part of the wonderful world of Pokemon.

With that being said, the Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire demo released a few weeks ago and I just got my hands on it. I would say that I’m the resident Pokemon guy here and this was proven by the fact that Joe wanted me to play this demo and kept pushing me to do so. The demo was very short and lacked any thing that would leave a lasting impression. I did enjoy seeing the Hoenn region in 3D, but I could have waited until the full game was released. Demos aren’t really my thing to begin with. Seeing the wind blow through the grass was a nice touch, but I’m curious as to why they didn’t give the same treatment to trees and bushes.

I played the demo after Joe had already played through it once. I don’t know if anything changes the second time around, but from what I played, I wasn’t impressed. I understand that it’s a “demo.” I’m using that term very loosely, because if your version of a demo is having me battle three kids that ran away from camp, then I don’t want it. Give me more. Really.

Overall, I could have gone without playing this demo. If I wanted to get excited for this game, I would just replay Emerald. OH WAIT! I did. Mr. Tajiri, I thank you for creating Pokemon from the bottom of my heart. I really do. My only quarrel with you is that you felt the need to release this demo. You’re better than that.

Posted by Kyle Muehlberger

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