To celebrate the month of October and the ever-approaching Halloween holiday, I sat down to play some of Double Fine’s Costume Quest. The game is an RPG, or role-playing game, but it isn’t as strict or hardcore as most games that share the genre. What Double Fine Productions opted for instead with Costume Quest, is somewhat of an RPG-lite, something that Obsidian used in ways for this year’s South Park: The Stick of TruthCostume Quest puts you in control of one of two twins as they trick-or-treat in a town. As the game sets up, one twin is abducted by monsters, and the remaining twin must set out on a journey to save them.

At first, the player will go door to door collecting candy and searching for costume pieces throughout the world, and later on more costumes can be found. These costumes can be worn, and used subsequently in battles. This is where the true RPG nature of the game comes into play. What unfolds as a battle begins, is basically what every child imagines their costume to represent. While in the reality of the game, the player may be dressed as a robot made out of cardboard and a trashcan, the RPG battle shows the child’s imagination coming to life. Instead of a hacked-together costume, the child imagines that they are a massive mecha-robot fighting a giant version of their enemy.

The game is as fun as it is charming and it is a must-play for those who have never entered the world. However, if you would like to whet your palette or just see what I got into, have a look for yourself.

Happy Halloween!

Posted by Marc Augustyniak

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