Every month on The Free Cheese, we select a game to play together, and hopefully with you, the reader. A member of our team chooses three games. We try to pick something that is readily available on a download service, and something relatively inexpensive. Because we each have different tastes and opinions, we aren’t always playing the same games. That’s great for conversation and learning about what we wouldn’t normally play. The goal of the Game Club however, is to get others to play what they don’t typically play. It also lets ourselves and members of the community share a discourse on one thing. From the three choices, the rest of the team then votes on which game they would like to play. We spend the month playing it, chatting about it on the podcast, and helping each other through it in our forums.

This month, the game is Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. It was developed by Konami, and first released in North America on October 2, 1997. The game was written by Koji Igarashi, who would later become a major player in development on the Castlevania series. It’s difficult to discuss the greatest games ever created without this title coming up, as even 17 years later it still plays and feels outstanding and it looks beautiful thanks to the advanced sprite work on the title. The game is known for its sense of exploration and backtracking to explore the full castle, very much in vain of the Metroid series. Despite the common associations with Metroid, Igarashi has previously stated that Symphony of the Night took inspiration from The Legend of Zelda series, applying the exploration and weapon-based section unlocking to the action and environments that Castlevania were known for.



This is only the beginning of the month, and it’s only the moment where we announce which game we have chosen. However, throughout the month of October expect a lot of writing about Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, including detailed looks at the game’s story, development, gameplay, impact, and the series itself. We’ll also be playing the game live throughout the month, posting tip videos, and a lot more.

We hope you join us in playing this game for the month, especially if you haven’t experienced it before. Let us know in the comments below what you think about this choice and whether or not you’ll be joining in on the adventure.

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