“The pen(cil) is mightier than the sword”

After putting a lot of thought into this and having written a full article just to scrap it, I have finally landed on Maxwell from Scribblenauts. Little Maxwell would make a great addition to the Smash Bros roster. He’s adorable, but with the right amount of imagination he can be a champion.

We all know Maxwell for his signature pencil and notebook and his enemies are about to as well. Most of Maxwell’s attacks would come from his pencil and creativity.

Standard Moves

Maxwell, with signature pencil in hand, would jab forward to hit the opponent. Hitting the A button twice would change the pencil into a bat and hitting it three times would transform the bat into a laser sword, which would send the opposing character upward.

scribblenauts-bat scribblenauts-laser-sword


As far as grabbing goes, a robot claw would spring from Maxwell’s backpack and grab the enemy. The claw itself will cause damage just by grabbing so there is no need for a “pummel” attack.

You can still throw by pressing “Up” and grab, which still uses the claw.

Special Moves

Maxwell’s regular “B” attack would throw a boomerang in the direction of which he is facing. If the enemy is still in the line of fire. They will get hit again on the boomerangs trip back to Maxwell.


“Up B” would send a large firework into the sky. If the firework collides with an enemy, it will explode and cause damage.

“Down B” conjures two asteroids which hit to the left and right of Maxwell, causing damage to anyone close enough to him.


“Side B” will send Maxwell flying on a rocket towards his enemies. The rocket will only last until it hits an enemy. Maxwell can still be attack from behind or above while riding the rocket. You can however cancel out of the attack if you fear falling off the stage.



Maxwell’s Final Smash would be a devastating one. Maxwell would appear on the back of a T-Rex and stomp around the stage while a UFO hovers around the top of the screen and shoots lasers down at the enemies. OH YEAH! Our friend Cthulhu will also be making his Smash Bros. debut!

scribblenauts-t-rexUFO-Scribblenauts                                                                                         Cthulhu-Scribblenauts


The Scribblenauts stage would come from Scribblenauts Unlimited. Capital City would make the perfect stage. Its buildings would give players something to jump on to avoid attacks and recover. I imagine it would be similar to playing on the Saffron City stage from the original Smash.


Theme Music

The music for the stage would of course just be the music for Capital City straight from Scribblenauts Unlimited. The tune is playful and would fit perfectly in the game.


Maxwell stands strong against the current roster of playable characters in Smash. While Maxwell is still adorable as hell, he has the power to knock anyone down a peg. I’m looking at you, Simon Belmont. Prepare for battle and get ready to use that imagination.


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Posted by Kyle Muehlberger

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