Resogun: Heroes is a new expansion coming to the PS4 title Resogun from developer Housemarque. The new expansion adds two new modes of play, ‘Survival’ and ‘Demolition’.

Survival is essentially an endless mode that builds upon the original Arcade mode. Scoring has been changed and humans now have parachutes. Additionally, Survival mode features a day/night cycle that can help to indicate what the player has achieved during that round.

Demolition is a mode that gives you a wrecking ball and allows you to destroy anything that gets in your way. Additionally, there are new power ups in Demolition such as multiball, extra balls, and a ball launcher.

The Heroes expansion will be released on June 24th and will be priced at $4.99. In addition to the Heroes expansion, the core game will receive a patch on June 23rd that promises new leaderboard and friend functions, and adds local coop play and a ship editor for free. FREE.

Finally, the game will offer a season pass for $7.99 that grants access to the Heroes expansion as well as any additional expansions in the future. Promised in future expansions are more game modes, new trophies, and the original soundtrack. For those who never received the game via PlayStation Plus for free, it will be on sale for $9.99 from June 24th to July 7th.

Look for more information on the upcoming patch and expansion as it gets closer to release.

Posted by Joe Dix

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