Let me start by saying that  I have loved the Fables series from the moment I first picked up the book. The Wolf Among Us is another great example of how Telltale can deliver when it comes to story. This time around you will be tasked with solving a mystery and it is a damn good one.  Almost everyone who played The Walking Dead loved it, and I have a feeling whoever picks up The Wolf Among Us will love it just the same. While only one episode has been released, this game has really dug its claws into me. (HA!)

Anyone who has read Fables has probably wanted to be Bigby Wolf, I know I have. We are now given the chance to be the big bad wolf and its a blast. We’ve read the dialogue, but hearing Bigby speak is amazing, fighting as him is even better. For some reason, while reading, I imagine he sounded like Willem Dafoe, but I wasn’t disappointed by the voice actor at all. He did a wonderful job. Most of the voice actors in The Wolf Among Us also worked on The Walking Dead. Telltale clearly knows talent and was smart enough to keep the actors around.

If you’re thinking to yourself  ”I’ve never read Fables. Should I even bother playing?”  The answer is simple. Yes, you should still play it. The game takes place before the events of the first issue, so you’ll be just fine.  Being introduced to these characters all over again is such a great experience. The first Fable you’ll meet is Mr. Toad and he is quite the delight. After that, you will meet some of the more well known Fables. I don’t want to ruin anything for anyone, so I’ll cut this short.

This game is amazing. I’m in love with it and I hope you fall in love with it also. I’m about to replay the first episode because I can’t get enough of it. Buy the season pass and enjoy the ride.


Posted by Kyle Muehlberger

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