It’s November? I barely saw you, sweet October. I suppose it has something to do with how incredibly busy October was for me, and for everyone here at the site. Just a few weeks ago, we said goodbye to The Game Fart with our 50th and final episode. However, we launched this website and a new podcast called FourPlay! It has only been about a week since the website has started to generate some new content but with more and more of us getting used to it, I can guarantee that we will have some great stuff coming up for you. I can also say that because I know about all of the secrets that everyone has planned that you don’t know yet!

This column will go up weekly on every Sunday, and it will highlight what happened and what matters from the past week. Below you will find not only the highlights from our own contributors, but also some articles from around the web that we found quite interesting. Expect that future updates will be a bit more diverse, but for this week here is what you’ve got.

 FourPlay Episode 1: Shiny and New


What are you playing?

That’s it for this week’s roundup but get excited for tomorrow and a new week’s worth of content. What have you been up to this past week? How was your Halloween? Let us know below.

Posted by Joe Dix

Joe is the creator of The Free Cheese. He eats a lot of pizza and takes thousands of pictures of his pugs Oswald and Earl every day.

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