This is the first review I’ll be writing. I want to keep it around 300 words, so hang in there, nerds.

The Final (2010)

Cast: People that you don’t give a shit about and probably won’t see again.

Let us  begin with what this movie is about. The official plot blurb for the movie is “A group of high school outcasts get revenge on the students that torment them” OH MAN! Aren’t you really stoked to go watch this movie?  Much like any movie where the film industry tries to tackle high school, they get every part of it wrong. Hilariously wrong. Your stereotypical jocks make an appearance, yes one has a popped collar, no more worrying about that. There are three “mean girls” in the movie as well. Most of their dialogue is about sex, as is expected.

The acting is terrible. So awful that I would argue that you could have gotten the cast of “The Talk” to do a better job. You will hear some of your favorite horror/thriller movie lines, such as  “No. Stop.” and “Why are you doing this?”  spoken by some kids that must have been picked up from a local 7/11.

You may be saying “Kyle, but how are these outcasts getting their revenge?”  Good question. Even better answer. The outcasts set up a Halloween party that all the “cool kids” are invited to. (Insert “ITS A TRAP picture here) The outcasts dress up in typical costumes, with the exception of one being a Welder. What? The outcasts drug the kids and after the bullies are woken up by a strange high pitch sound, they noticed they are chained up. From there, the outcasts assault the bullies in various ways. I don’t want to spoil too much for anyone, but this movie will hit home if you were bullied by people with popped collars and girls who would flaunt their silly Blackberries in your face.

I could be over-analyzing this movie or I could be a level headed person who wasted time watching this movie. You decide.

You can find The Final streaming on Netflix. Good luck.


Posted by Kyle Muehlberger

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