Remember just a few days ago when I told you about Club Nintendo and how great of a program it is for loyal Nintendo fans? Well here I am again to inform you that Sony has just launched a loyalty program of their own. Sony Rewards is a program that already existed for Sony products, but never pulled the Playstation ecosystem into its program. Starting today however, customers are able to link their PSN account with a Sony Rewards account and start earning points.


Those familiar with Club Nintendo will notice that Sony doesn’t offer anything on the store that is exclusive or unique to the store, but it does give you the opportunity to earn points and trade them in for the products you want. The catalog is already pretty extensive, ranging from PS+ subscriptions to the new Batman: Arkham Origins, and even a PS Vita.

While it is nice to see rewards for your loyalty and for the money that you spend on Sony products and platforms, the exchange rate of points to product is a little disheartening. Every dollar you spend will net you one point. Save up the points- trade them in for new toys. The problem lies in the fact that a $10 PSN card will cost 1,000 points. After spending $1,000, you can get $10 back. When you view the numbers in that way, it can turn you off from even caring about it. However, this is a program that doesn’t need to exist. With Playstation Plus already being filled with free games and extreme discounts, this new rewards program is just another bonus. The math of it doesn’t seem to weigh well but this is the type of thing, much like Club Nintendo, that is just extra for consumers. Look back at how much you’ve spent this generation alone on video games, and then think about what you’ll be spending as we enter the next generation. Additionally, you can earn points through Sony Pictures ticket stubs or Blu-ray purchases, and even when buying products at select retailers.


To get started, you can join Sony Rewards and link your Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) account. This will allow you to automatically earn points on your PlayStation Store purchases and digital bonus offers. If you’re already a Sony Rewards member, simply link your SEN account to your existing Sony Rewards account. If you join by November 12th, 2013 you can take advantage of the 100 point sign up offer. There are also bonus ways to receive more points, like buying bundles or signing up for Playstation Plus, which will give you more than the normal 1:1 payout.


For more information, click here. Let us know in the comments below what you think of this new initiative to reward Sony customers.

Posted by Joe Dix

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