Club Nintendo is a unique rewards program set up officially by Nintendo to give back to you for purchasing their products.
By registering for the free service, you will fill out a Welcome Survey which will grant you 30 coins. From there you can register consoles and select games to earn more coins. As you earn more coins, you can spend them on their exclusive items. Currently, they offer items such as a felt DS case, Kirby patches, and an Animal Crossing themed DS game and stylus holder. You can also find Virtual Console titles to spend your coins on.
Additionally, and what might make the service most interesting, is that there are yearly rewards that you can receive only if you’ve reached a quota. If you have accumulated 300 coins throughout the year, you’re at Gold Status, while 600 coins will grant you Platinum Status. These are general levels you reach and are not affected by cashing in your coins for catalog rewards. In past years, Platinum rewards have varied from a Mario hat to a Mario button set, and most recently, an exclusive Majora’s Mask Soundtrack.
What makes this program wonderful is that Nintendo gives all of this away with free shipping and the only requirement on your end is to keep playing the games you enjoy and fill out a brief survey. They also offer other options for earning coins such as Pre-Purchase Surveys and Post-Play Surveys, and you can link your eShop account to your Club Nintendo account so that purchases will net you more coins.
If you hurry now and get signed up and register some products, you can grab The Legend of Zelda for your 3DS.

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